Sunday, May 23, 2010

Must Love... New York, I Love You

I just finished watching a lovely little movie entitled New York, I Love You.

As you can probably guess it is all about New York, the people in it and their interactions with one another. I'm not sure why, but I really dug it.

It seemed real and honest and lets face it, who isn't intrigued by human relationships and interaction, that's why airports and coffee shops are so cool.

One of the characters had a video camera running the whole time, filming everything and everyone in her daily life. I thought it was really cool when she set it up in the window of a restaurant and just let it run for hours capturing the people who walked by while she went about whatever she was doing.

It didn't follow a plot, it didn't seem to have a big "point" or a big ending. But it was fascinating all the same. And it made me even more excited to visit New York. Imagine all the people I am going to meet over there! New York is the city of dreams, the place people go to make something of themselves, somewhere anything is possible. I can't wait to see what is has in store for me.

Much love,
Popcorn x

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