Thursday, December 23, 2010

Must Love... 2010

· Welcomed in the New Year at the Gold Coast in a penthouse suite · Made cupcakes for the first time · Looked forward to going to work · Discovered the marvel of lay-by · Finished a Bachelor of Journalism · Laid a rose on my beautiful aunt's casket · Took a trip to Thailand · Planned a trip to New York and Europe with a best friend · Wrote poems and the start of a novel · Packed everything I owned into my car and moved to the Sunshine Coast · Turned 21 and ate a popcorn cake · Celebrated countless other 21sts · Road tripped to Blackwater · Dined on nachos at Cactus Jacks - both the chicken and chocolate variety · Went to a number of music festivals and concerts · Ate lots of movie popcorn · Got a henna tattoo · Continued to collect books of every shape and size · Made an inspiration board · Held a garage sale · Indulged in coffee and gelato on a regular basis · Realised just how much I loved my friends · Got 5 inches cut off my hair, and kind of regretted it · Sang a million songs · Snorkeled · Bought a red coat · Threw away my P-Plates when I went on my open licence · Became obsessed with Eminem and Jake Gyllenhaal · Bought a pair of clogs · Watched on as Blair and Chuck re-united on Gossip Girl · Won tickets in the Big Day Out ballot · Renewed my passport · Read Frankie and Shop Til You Drop religiously · Played boardgames with my little cousins · Wore gumboots · Became closer to my sister · Went on far too many Maccas runs · Wore pearl earrings · Made a list everyday · Lost money at a Casino · Went horse riding · Logged onto Just Jared most days · Had a Friends marathon · Took photos of a sailing regatta · Ate sushi · Was pushed home in a shopping trolley · Took a ferry to Magnetic Island · Went to the ballet · Started listening to Triple J · Danced on tables · Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the seventh time ·

What happened in your life over the last 12 months?

I look forward to hearing all about it,

Popcorn x


  1. haha, Yes you were pushed home in a trolley. Maybe I should add to my list, "Pushed someone home in a trolley from a festival"....Miss you, you crazy cat x

  2. WOW what a year to remember.