Saturday, March 19, 2011

Must Love... The Organised Housewife

I am obsessed with organisation. Everything I own has it's own little place somewhere in my room. If it has been moved I will notice and I will move it back. I am constantly re-arranging and moving things around, going through things and removing anything I no longer use or want.

My wardrobe is strategically structured moving from shirts to skirts to dresses to jackets. And within each of these are also sub-categories. The shirts go from singlets, to shirts with sleeves in the order of sleeve length. Dresses are split into day-wear and going-out-wear. From these two sub-categories they are also organised by sleeve length, with maxi's at the end. It's all quite anal, really.

I'm not sure where this need to be clean and neat came from. It might be a trait inherited by being born under the Virgo sign or it might have stemmed from a way I handled moving back and forward between my parents houses as I was growing up.

But either way, I've embraced it. I get a kick out of knowing where all the beautiful things I own are, and that I appreciate every piece of jewellery, book, trinket the way it was intended by those who made it.

So imagine my pleasure when my mother introduced me to this site - The Organised Housewife. It's all about how to de-clutter and better organise your whole house, make lists and charts, plan meals and even plan your blog! I'm in heaven. It kind of makes me wish I had some clutter to sort out.

Popcorn x

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  1. my wardrobe is organised the same way! so much easier to find what you want to wear!!