Saturday, March 19, 2011

Must Love... Animal Welfare

While browsing the amazing Leeloo site and admiring all the beautiful things to be marvelled at, I came across a post I thought needed to be shared. It outlined some very sad and disturbing facts in a campaign against the unnecessary starvation of veal calves raised to be slaughtered.

These calves are taken from their mothers within 12 hours of birth, and around 800, 000 a year are slaughtered before they are six days old. The people responsible for this are now trying to take measures further and starve these young animals for up to 30 hours before their death in order to save on costs.

Some of those not killed using this method are put into locked stalls so small they cannot turn around, in order to prevent muscle development. They are then fed an iron-free diet to induce anemia and make their flesh a more "appealing" colour.

Please sign this petition in order to prevent this new '30 Hour Proposal' from moving any further. Please pass this on to others in the hope of giving these poor creatures a better quality of life.

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