Sunday, April 24, 2011

Must Love... Gwenyth Paltrow's Tribeca Apartment

What's not to envy about Gwenyth Paltrow? She has a stella acting career behind her, Oscar and all; she looks like she has been having an absolute blast filming song-and-dance scenes in Glee; she comes across in interviews as the nicest person you could ever meet but sports a killer sense of humour; and her husband is the head a world-famous band with a crooning voice smooth enough to bring any girl to her knees.

And now these beautiful photos of her Tribeca apartment have been published on I Love Wildfox. She really seems like she's got it all. But really, if there's one celebrity we can forgive for being so darn cool, it's Gwen.

Personally, I can't wait for her new movie Country Strong (with Leighton Meester) to hit Australian cinemas on April 28, 2011.

Popcorn x

Must Love... Whaley good ideas!

These need to be shared. These crafty little creations are indeed tissue boxes, through which the tissue spouts up through the whale's blow hole. Genius. They can be found here for around $40. They were first brought to my attention whilst flipping through the pages of my beloved Frankie magazine, in which they featured a fire engine red version. Go crazy and have a whale of a time picking out a colour that suits you.

Popcorn x

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must Love... Lauren Carney

Lauren Carney is a very talented artist reigning from Brisbane. Her artworks are the most adorable things I've seen in awhile. You can read her cute as a button blog, here.

Don't you just want one on your wall? Or in a frame on your bedside table?

Popcorn x

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Must Love... Thursday Friday

We've all heard the saying, and faking confidence and know-how has gotten a lot of people a long way. But does it reign true in the fashion world?

Owning a Birkin has always been reserved for the rich and famous. Until now.

Up and coming label Thursday Friday has found a fun way around dolling out thousands for the 'it' bag of our generation. It's called the Together bag. I loved the idea of this tongue-in-cheek gesture to fake bags so much, that I jumped straight on to and bought this little beauty.

I think it will sustain me until I can afford the real deal. The only bad thing about this deal is the fact I will be waiting until Mid May for the range to hit stockists. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, if it were possible!

Popcorn x

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Must Love... Stacks of Books

The sight of books upon books upon books just does it for me.

Elin King on Because I'm Addicted

Hilary Walker on Meet Me at Mikes

Marcelo Burlon on Stil in Berlin

Oh, and look at that globe! Pamela Love on Because I'm Addicted

Image courtesy of Because I'm Addicted

Yours in love,

Popcorn x

Monday, April 4, 2011

Must Love... Italy

Strolling along the streets of Rome, dodging Vespas and gazing up at the old buildings, churches and monuments, you can just feel the history. It might sound cliché, but it makes you feel smaller, but also a part of it all.

Italy is a place many people dream of travelling to. It conjures a lot of magical images: romantic gondola rides, closing your eyes and making a wish as you throw a coin into the crystal waters of the Trevi fountain, taking tacky photos at the tower of Pisa, consuming mountains of pasta as the waiter entertains you with his Opera singing.

All of these things and more came true for us when we hoped on a bus and toured from Rome to Venice. But this time, there were three! Our beautiful friend Shark surprised us by booking a secret trip and revealing herself in the lobby of our hotel.

It's fair to say we ate our way around Italy. We didn't hold back - if we wanted to sample some gelato we did, if we wanted to have bread before our main we did, if we wanted to have dessert after that we did. But I dare you to turn your nose up at Italy's finest cuisine. The Italians pride themselves on making simple dishes that are bursting with flavour, and once the wafting smell hits you it's impossible to resist.

We did so many amazing things in Italy that it would take forever to explain them all in detail. I think the photos say more than words can, but even they are nothing compared to the real thing.

Here are the highlights:

  • A guided tour of Pompeii, walking through the ruins and seeing how they used to live and even how they died thanks to the preserved remains of some the victims of the once great city.

  • Driving along the coast of Sorrento, and then hitting the streets to try the local lemoncello.

  • Walking through Capri, stopping for cappuccinos and gelato overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Wine-tasting at a vineyard and olive farm in the Chianti region.

  • Singing karaoke in Florence one night, then waking up the next morning and touring the amazing city - seeing the most beautiful church I've ever seen - the Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Fiore and the statue of David at Galleria dell'Accademia.

  • Dined on a traditional roast dinner in the Tuscan hills.

  • Took trashy tourist photos at the leaning tower of Pisa.

  • Explored two tiny townships on the Cinque Terra - Monterosso and Vernazza.

  • Window shopped our way through the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II in Milano - Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior - Oh my!

  • Admired the Milan Cathedral and got caught in a full-on riot on the way back to the bus.

  • Took a photo with Juliet in front of her famous balcony in Verona.

  • Bought Venetian masks, drank Bellini on our gondola ride and wondered around St Mark's Square in Venice.

  • Toured Rome at night - climbing the Spanish Steps, throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain and seeing some beautiful churches, including the Pantheon.

  • Visited the Colosseum and Roman Forum, before being left behind by the bus and making our own way to Vatican City.

We also met some amazing people, some of which we have kept in touch with. This is my last travel blog, which makes me a little sad, but also makes me want to do it all over again.

Ciao, Bellas!
Popcorn x

Friday, April 1, 2011

Must Love... Amsterdam

After begrudgingly packing our suitcases and reluctantly jumping on the high speed train that would carry us away from the beautiful city of Paris, our spirits brightened as we thought of the adventure that awaited us in eclectic Amsterdam.

We arrived at Centraal Station in the heart of Amsterdam and were greeted by old brick buildings, weaving bike lanes, colourful trams and bridges galore. We were also welcomed by the wind. I have never experienced anything like the gales in Amsterdam, they were relentless in blowing us forward, messing up our hair and making us feel like we were in a bad action sequence where every movement is shown in slow motion.

We spent our first night in Amsterdam mesmerised by the Red Light District. And yes, it’s exactly as the stories describe it. There are “cafes” on every corner, inviting you to take a bite of a legal hash cake or try the different flavoured joints all packaged up and ready to go. There are neon lights on every second building screaming “X Rated Sex Show”, as girls stand in their best lingerie, sending flirty kisses your way through the many glass windows bathed in red light.

It is a place where at any given time you can see nearly every nationality in the world; people walking past giggling, some on the search for the perfect high and others searching ravenously for something to satisfy their munchies. And they wouldn’t have to look far. The Red Light District is bursting with junk food. Huge hot dogs, greasy pizza slices, large Big Mac meals and Chipsy King – hot chips wrapped in a swarm of paper and squirted with mayonnaise and garlic butter. It is truly heaven.

But by the light of day, Amsterdam is completely transformed. It is no longer the seedy place where sex runs rampant; instead it is charmingly kitschy, creative and very scenic. We walked past flower stalls filled with tulips, stopped in at cute souvenir stores to stock up on clogs and windmill covered trinkets, and browsed some of the coolest shops we had encountered over the whole trip.

Breakfast was spent in a small café next to the Anne Frank Museum (the actual building the family took refuge in during World War II), sipping on hazelnut lattes and eating chocolate croissants. We then braved the massive line to be let into the museum itself and went on to explore the hidden annexes used so long ago. History briefs and personal quotes from Anne were pinned up on the walls, and my heart broke for the Frank family all over again as we saw her original diary on display and I took in how horrible it must have been to endure this radical injustice.

Another tram was caught and we made our way to the Van Gogh Museum, housing the majority of the artist’s most famous works, as well as those from his mentors and the painters who inspired him. I liked the set up of this museum, as it outlined how Van Gogh became an artist, and showed how his artwork progressed as he went through life, influenced by the cities he lived with and the people he became close to.

Amsterdam was a city of friendly people, rich history, lots of bicycles and a calmness that comes with flowing rivers running through its centre.

Popcorn x