Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Must Love... National Geographic & Up

Now, I know you all loved the Pixar movie Up, because everyone I've ever talked to - old, young, male, female - has professed their love for it. From the adorable little Boy Scout to the grumpy-turned-lovable older man who makes us want to run out and hug our Granddads, along with the Golden Retriever with those sad puppy dog eyes -the characters and story-line are pure gold. In fact, writing this is making me want to go home, curl up under my flannelette sheets and munch on popcorn whilst I put on the DVD.

But I also know that as we watched that old house rise up in the air carried by balloons, we were all sceptical. "That could never happen in real life!", we scoffed.

Well, the National Geographic Channel decided to put it to the test. With a team of scientists, engineers and balloon pilots behind them, National Geographic took a life-sized model of the Up house and using 300 eight-foot helium balloons made it fly!

Although this took place way back in March I thought I would share in case anyone hadn't had the chance to check it out. Not only did they prove a house could actually be lifted into the air by balloons, they also set a new world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. The 16x16-foot house rose to an altitude of 10 000 feet and flew for about an hour!

The experiment was a part of a National Geographic Channel series How Hard Can It Be? which can be watched here.

Popcorn x

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