Sunday, July 3, 2011

Must Love... Zara

When I was overseas one of my favourite things to do was browse all of the amazing shops that haven't yet branched out to Australia. One of my top picks was definitely Zara - it was in every city we went to! So when I heard the news that this fashion powerhouse was crossing the ocean and coming to our shores I was beyond excited.

Zara has something for everyone - classic pieces to suit any age, edgy animal prints, perfectly fitted blazers and is always on trend.

My love only grew when I discovered this new addition to their website. ‘People’ showcases Zara collaborating with everyday fashiony people. All you have to do is create a look with at least two main items from their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, put on a fabulous photo shoot, upload your best shots and each week a number of candidates are selected to be published on the website. And the best bit, you ask? If your photo is selected you receive €300!

Sounds like something I could do… Hold on, I’m just booking a flight to Sydney.

Popcorn x


  1. Another wonderful post! Remember when we were over there, we kept seeing this 'Zara', store and thinking that it looked a little old, and then when we finally went in we fell in love and spent way too much money ha!

    That second last picture is beautiful. She looks like she's enjoying a day at Capri, all tanned and summery.

    I saw a similar post (somewhere I can't remember) and they had a picture of a girl wearing that stripey blue and black shirt I bought in Paris. It made me want to go back there and enjoy a cappucino and a crepe with you on the Champs Elysees


  2. P.s the third picture down... is she carrying a Mulberry? haha, oh it makes me sad.