Monday, July 4, 2011

Must Love... Finder Keepers Brisbane A/W 2011

How did I spend my weekend you ask? Browsing artsy stalls, picking up prints for my new apartment, listening to breezy tunes and eating cupcakes under pretty bunting strung overhead at the Finders Keepers markets.

It was a lovely day had at the Old Museum with my beautiful friend Danielle, and a much needed catch up was had with Sew and Bird who were down for the weekend.

The rest of my afternoon was spent reminiscing of fond memories had with old friends and listening to Danielle’s boyfriend strum his guitar and croon out some old favourites.

And then it was time for dinner in the city. Glasses of wine were consumed, as was coffee spiked with a little alcohol. Steaks were served alongside vegetable risotto and sizzling fajitas. Apple crumble and the most perfect pecan pie topped of a marvelous night.

I love my friends and my soon-to-be new city of residence.

Popcorn x


  1. That pecan pie looks amazing haha.

  2. I had such a lovely time with you at the Markets! It's nice to do something different together instead of the same ol' movies and dinner. I really enjoyed your company, and the Pecan Pie! which was delicious.

    Your post was so lovely written, and makes me want to jump back on the plane and visit you for another weekend of laughter.

    P.s that first picture looks like something off the Satorialist.

  3. Sounds like fun!! can't wait to visit you in your new apartment! i also can't wait to see how you have decorated it!