Friday, October 28, 2011

Must Love... Sisters

No, this is not a tribute to the late 90s sister duo who brought out that originally named 'Sister' song. It's a post about my beautiful sister.

Those of you who are blessed enough to have a sister will know there is nothing like the bond of sisterhood. Your sister is someone you can be completely yourself around, someone to share amazing memories with and someone you can have an argument with one second and forget what it was even about the next.

There are little over four and a half years between me and my sister, so we weren't the best of friends growing up. But now she is about to graduate from high school and our relationship couldn't be more different.

In the last few years I have watched my sister grow into a beautiful, happy, kind-hearted young woman. She is always playful and her smile is infectious! She never judges anyone and makes friends so easily because of this. She's very creative and whenever she whips out her art books I'm always so intrigued.

She also loves music as much as I do. I'm very excited for her to turn 18 in just less than three months! Oh, the gigs we can attend! The r&b clubs we can shake our booties at! The roadtrips we can take!

My sister came down to Brisbane to spend a weekend with me not too long ago and we had a lovely time - rocked out to The Wombats, shopped up a storm, laughed our way through a movie and took in some pretty cool art galleries.

Marnie, I'm so proud to be your sister.

Love always,

Popcorn x

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