Friday, December 16, 2011

Must Love... Roma St Parklands

I've lived in Brisbane for a bit over four months now, and I must say I am rather enjoying it. It's the biggest city I've lived in to date, and I love being in the CBD hearing the hustle and bustle as thousands of people go about their lives. There is always something to do, whether it be visiting the museum or the art gallery, catching a theatre show, taking a walk over the Story Bridge and through the Botanical Gardens or seeing the newest Indie band at a local club.

A few weeks ago my Mum, Aunt, Cousin and I packed a picnic lunch and went down to the prettiest garden in the city - Roma Street Parklands.

It is such a beautiful place, with wide open spaces of green grass, colourful bursts of flowers and plants and the occasional vegetable and herb gardens. Lizards of all sizes roam free and the toot-toot of the Pakland Explorer can be heard winding through the park as people young and old take in the view.

We found a shady spot under a big Morton Bay Fig to eat our olive bread with fresh chicken and home grown lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Our plates were also filled with ricotta stuffed olives and capsicum and complimented with an iced coffee.

After lunch we went for a wonder, marvelling at the eccentric Jacarandas, oyster plants, cape york lilies, gardenias, Louisiana irises and purple wreath among many more.

Next time you're feeling a bit weighed down by the city, I recommend taking a trip to the parklands and embracing the relaxing vibe of nature.

Popcorn x

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