Monday, December 12, 2011

Must Love... Amazing Face & Clinique

Put your hand up if you have not read Zoe Foster's Amazing Face. Now, if you're hand is in the air, slap yourself with it. This may seem harsh but in reality you've been doing yourself a much bigger injustice by ignoring this must-have guide to all things beauty. Everything you need to know is contained in this little gem. Zoe gives real advice that's easy to follow like no other. I trust her opinion and recommendations without a second thought, knowing that she always has my back when it comes to the hard decisions. Like whether to buy Clinique's classic Quick Eyes Cream Shadow in Muffin or Truffle. Turns out the answer (for me at least) is Muffin. And gosh, am I one happy customer!

But alas, Clinique is moving away from the Quick Eyes range and bringing in their Lid Smoothie's. Apparently easier to apply, it comes in a large variety of amazing shades - Zoe's pick is Cashew Later.

On a side note - my beautiful friend Meghan is a big fan of Clinique - especially their Chubby Sticks. Whilst spending the day browsing the Gold Coast shops with her yesterday I decided I would like to purchase the Chubby Sticks Christmas gift pack. I entered David Jones, ready to part with my hard earned cash in return for some well glossed lips, and was told they had sold out. I was committed now, and what had started out as some casual browsing quickly turned into a mad witch hunt. Numerous shops were visited, online stores were googled and hearts were broken as again and again our search came up empty handed. I know what I'll be doing in Brisbane over the weekend..

What amazing beauty finds have you come across lately?

Popcorn x


  1. Love the new look! Also, I have a confession to make...I havn't read her book yet, so my mission for the holidays is to get reading! There is nothing I love more than getting dolled up and I love trying new things so her hints may come in handy :-) Its good to have you back popcorn!

  2. Thank you, lovely! Haha yes, you better get reading! You will love it. Miss you x