Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Must Love... Sydney & Eminem

At the start of this month my sister and I travelled forward in time (day light savings counts as time travel, right?) to spend a lovely weekend away in Sydney.

We said goodbye to the Queensland sun and were welcomed with open arms by Sydney's cardigan-inducing cool wind.

The main motive behind our trip was rap legend Eminem's concert. I had been a huge fan since The Eminem Show spoke to my 14 year old self's teenage angst and penchant to swear frequently. When 8 Mile was released my obsession grew even more. I knew I could make that tough white boy from the wrong side of town fall in love with me, if only we had the chance to meet. He would be impressed that I was also one of the only white people in my circle of friends, but could still rap Baby Got Back in it's entirety. His next two albums were mediocre with a handful of good songs. But I knew he could bounce back. I believed he could get over all the unfortunate events surrounding his drug addict mother and white trash (lucky bitch) ex wife and write some new material.

And then came Recovery. He was back.

My little sister seems to have inherited my love of RnB and rap. It might even be possible that she loves Eminem more than I do. We had made a pact that if he came to Australia, we would go and see him. "I don't care if I have to pay $1000 for a ticket; I'm going!" I boldly stated. Luckily, I only had to part with $180 to fulfil the dream. The fact that Lil Wayne and Hilltop Hoods were the support acts was just the icing on the cake. Oh, and one highlight of the night did involve the removal of a certain shirt, but you'll have to follow me on Instagram to see that photo.

We must have been feeling brave the next day as we attempted to navigate the buses into Circular Quay. We only had to ask for directions once, so I think we can count that as a success. We behaved like good little tourists and got photos in front of the Harbour Bridge and of the Opera House, before walking over to the Pitt Street Mall for a shopping fix.

I had heard about this rally to equalise same sex marriage before we went, and was delighted when we were able to met up with them as they walked through the mall, banners in hand and chants of "gay, straight, black, white - marriage is a civil right!" On a related note - check out this great video, it is so well done.

Our next stop was the Art Gallery of New South Wales for the Picasso exhibit. We admired the selection of 150 paintings, drawings and sculptures by one of the most influential artists of our lifetime. He really was so uniquely special. The only downer was the no cameras rule, I was dying to get a snap of the artworks.

That night we met up with a dear friend of mine from high school, who took us to a cute little eatery in Surry Hills called The Winery. I ate mushrooms stuffed with ricotta, pine nuts and pesto and sipped on glasses of lychee sangria. Inevitably we ended the night at King's Cross, in a dingy bar with unisex toilets, dancing on a stage to amazing music.

On our last morning, friends I had met on my Italian Contiki took us to brunch at Lavender Blue Cafe in McMahons Point. We sipped skinny lattes and feasted on Big Breakfasts, while chatting away and catching up on the gossip since our overseas adventure.

All in all, it was a perfect weekend spent with some really special people. Namely Eminem.

Popcorn x

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