Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Must Love... Stripes by Daphne Van Den Heuvel

Who doesn't love stripes? Who doesn't love cute, quirky illustration? Well, here's a match made in heaven.
Featured on two blogs I've been stalking of late, Down and Out Chic and Creature Comforts, these illustrations by Daphne Van Den Heuvel are part of her I Love Stripes collection.

P.S. How cool that I just so happen to be wearing a striped shirt today!

Popcorn x

Must Love... Feathers in Bottles

If you put anything in a mini glass bottle, it's going to be cute. But these beautiful parrot feather keepsake bottles, made to order and chosen individually for each customer, are something very special indeed. Even the product name is poetic - Levahnah - meaning to rise

Imagine how devastated I was to find they don't post to Australia. My heart is broken.

Has anyone found a similar product that is made in or shipped to Australia? Please let me know!

Popcorn x

[Sourced: Down and Out Chic and Images from Xoxii Etsy shop]

Monday, January 30, 2012

Must Love... Blackboard Cheese Platter

I love cheese. I also love cheese platters. Camembert, havarti and haloumi please! But sometimes it can be hard to tell what's on the serving plate. Cue this amazingly clever chalkboard platter care of Wit &Whistle. Not only does it clear up confusion but it looks super cute too. Click here for instructions on how to whip one up yourself.

Also, how freakin' cool is Wit & Whistle's blog, from renovating the home office, to these fabulous Valentine Day's cards, I wish we could become BFFs so I could pop over for cheese and crackers and other such delights.

P.S This last photo has given me some inspiration. I have a world map poster that would be perfect to put into a cork board like the one above. I'm thinking tacks of one colour pinned where I have been, and another colour for places I dream of going.
Popcorn x

[Images from Because I'm Addicted and Wit and Whistle]

Monday, January 23, 2012

Must Love... Remaking Classic Art

This is brilliant.

I love the idea, and the execution is outstanding.

Adobe recently set up a challenge for students in the UK to remake classic pieces of art, with the winner snaring £10 000. It proved so popular they paired up with creative blog, Booooooom, to replicate the competition and allow people from all around the world to submit their photographic takes on cult artworks.

Here are my top picks (I've posted the original followed by the remake), but visit the above link for more entries.

I love the modern takes. Thoughts?

Popcorn x

[Images via Booooooom]