Monday, January 30, 2012

Must Love... Blackboard Cheese Platter

I love cheese. I also love cheese platters. Camembert, havarti and haloumi please! But sometimes it can be hard to tell what's on the serving plate. Cue this amazingly clever chalkboard platter care of Wit &Whistle. Not only does it clear up confusion but it looks super cute too. Click here for instructions on how to whip one up yourself.

Also, how freakin' cool is Wit & Whistle's blog, from renovating the home office, to these fabulous Valentine Day's cards, I wish we could become BFFs so I could pop over for cheese and crackers and other such delights.

P.S This last photo has given me some inspiration. I have a world map poster that would be perfect to put into a cork board like the one above. I'm thinking tacks of one colour pinned where I have been, and another colour for places I dream of going.
Popcorn x

[Images from Because I'm Addicted and Wit and Whistle]

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