Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Must Love... Red Carpet Awards Season 2012

Awards season is once again upon us. A time filled with frocks, gongs and fashion critics. Do they really need so many award shows? I say have one where the industry picks the winners and another for people's choice. Then leave it at that. Although I can't be heard complaining while watching the red carpet.
Here are my picks for best dressed at:

Golden Globe Awards

Critics Choice Movie Awards

All images via Just Jared and Mamamia

And the fails? Reece Witherspoon's, Tina Fey's and Kelly Osbourne's hair, Angelina Jolie's sour face and Amanda Peet's and Sarah Michelle Gellar's dresses. Oh and Erin Wasson's Golden Globe After Party dress: WTF!

What were your picks?

Popcorn x

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