Saturday, January 7, 2012

Must Love... 2011

Happy New Year, lovely readers!

Bienvenus to 2012 (yes, I googled the french translation for 'welcome' because I'm cool like that)! I probably should have written this post sooner seeing as we are already seven days in but y'know, I'm a master at procrastination.

Last year I included this post to recap on the wonderful and random times I had in 2010. It was my intention to write another at the end of last year, but as previously mentioned my skills of procrastination are second to none. But it feels right to start this new year by looking back on 2011 and the experiences and memories that have guided me to where I am.

So in 2011 I...

Welcomed in the new year with a drag show at a gay club  · watched countless footage of the Queensland floods and felt for all those affected · went on the trip of a lifetime with a best friend · stood at the top of the Empire State Building · saw a Broadway show · ate the most delicious red velvet cupcakes · celebrated Australia Day in Ireland · road the London Underground · visited Stonehenge · went to the Moulin Rouge · saw the Mona Lisa and Monet's Waterlilies first hand · marvelled at the Palace of Versailles · ate a hash brownie in Amsterdam · was surprised when a good friend secretly flew to Italy to come on our Contiki tour · sang Land Down Under at a Karaoke Bar in Florence · took obligatory tourist photos in front of the leaning tower of Pisa · attended my university graduation ceremony  · spent many hours applying for jobs · became a receptionist for a Community transport organisation and loved the people I worked with · spent lots of time with my beautiful family · crashed my car into a mini van · went to the Eumundi markets every chance I had · ran along Coolum Beach at sun set  · discovered the book store of my dreams and spent way too much money there · went to the Finders Keepers market - twice · bought my first apartment · moved to Brisbane  · went to Ikea for the first time · joined a gym · climbed the Story Bridge · saw Eminem in concert · took pictures in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge & the Opera House · went to numerous theatre shows · danced for hours in nightclubs  · pashed and dashed · visited a best friend in Blackwater · flew to Townsville for a 21st · said goodbye to my Granma · got a second tattoo · climbed Mount Coolum · watched the complete series of Scrubs for the first time · re-watched every episode of One Tree Hill · finally got an iPhone · bought a MacBook Pro · drank a lot of coffee · frequented a number of Art Galleries · went to a Picasso exhibition · became addicted to Instagram · was given a Karen Walker ring · started wearing red lipstick · sold my car and started using public transport · and missed a lot of people x

As with every year, 2011 had its goods and bads, and for me it brought with it a completely different lifestyle as I graduated from being a student and made the move to a bigger (read: actual - because let's face it Townsville isn't really one) city. It's not healthy to dwell too much on the past, but I think it's necessary to glance back and remember what you've learnt and decide how you want to continue on into the future.

Cue: New Years Resolutions. But this term is now associated with failure and stigmatised as vague wishes that people don't really intend to keep. So this year I'm setting myself some goals and having hopes and dreams.

In 2012 I will...

Exercise regularly and eat healthy and fresh foods · find my self control and say no to bad foods that don't really make me feel better anyways · be smarter with my money and only shop within reason · save for an overseas trip · edit articles I've written · put together a Journalism portfolio and send it off to publications · try to be a better listener · try to be less judgemental and more open minded · care less about what others think · stand strong with my own opinions and don't cave in to make others happy · spend as much time as possible with my family · re-find my self confidence · believe in my self and believe that I deserve everything I want for myself · keep in contact with all my beautiful friends · seize opportunities when they come my way · try to live more in the moment · blog more  · relax, live life and have fun doing it!

What are your hopes and dreams my wonderful readers?

Popcorn x

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