Monday, January 23, 2012

Must Love... Remaking Classic Art

This is brilliant.

I love the idea, and the execution is outstanding.

Adobe recently set up a challenge for students in the UK to remake classic pieces of art, with the winner snaring £10 000. It proved so popular they paired up with creative blog, Booooooom, to replicate the competition and allow people from all around the world to submit their photographic takes on cult artworks.

Here are my top picks (I've posted the original followed by the remake), but visit the above link for more entries.

I love the modern takes. Thoughts?

Popcorn x

[Images via Booooooom]


  1. What a cool competition! I particularly love the modern one recreated in a suitcase, that's thinking outside the box!

  2. I love this! How cool would it have been to recreate these?! I'm not imaginative enough, I think Haha

    PS. Loving the new blog header xx