Saturday, January 7, 2012

Must Love... Women of Letters

I've always loved to write. I love it almost as much as I like reading what other people have written. Writing is a form of expression I've always felt comfortable with. I can type away on my keyboard knowing the words will come and that most of the time they will make sense. I've always been able to string a sentence together, confident in my correct use of grammar and content that spell check will pick up any spelling errors. I know some don't share this loving relationship with the written word like I do. So, I am grateful. Grateful I have created this blog with relative ease, that I could bust out a 2000 word university essay the day it was due, and that I can construct a simple email, which a surprising amount of people seem to fail on a daily basis.

I am a long term frankie lover, which led me to read Marieke Hardy's You'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead. Upon doing so I was delighted to learn that the woman who in my high school years had taught me how to swear effectively in writing was co-hosting afternoon events dedicated to "reviving the lost art of correspondence". Women of Letters is now available in book form for you to peruse the musings of Australia's most notable ladies of the stage, screen, airwaves and print. With contributions from the likes of Judith Lucy, Cal Wilson, Noni Hazlehurst, Tara Moss, Alice Pung, Megan Washington, Julie Zemiro, Missy Higgins and Ms Hardy herself (accompanied by a few token males in Paul Kelly, Eddie Perfect and Bob Ellis) these letters will make you laugh out loud, shed a tear and bring comfort as you realise other people are just as fucked up as you.

Just reading the back cover got me excited - "In a world of the short and swift, of texts and Twitter, there's something of special value about a carefully composed letter". The pages of this book are filled with beautifully crafted letters expressing love for a sister or a city, acknowledging the sub conscience 'ghost' we all have who can sometimes be helpful, other times not so much and paying homage to an important turning point in life.

If you weren't already sold, all royalties go to Edgar's Mission animal rescue shelter.

The first Women of Letters event for 2012 will be in Melbourne on January 29. I'm definitely hanging out for the next Brisbane date.

Popcorn x

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