Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Must Love... Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr

I have just finished reading Miranda Kerr's Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation, and I dare anyone to come out the other side not feeling inspired, motivated and in positive spirits. It just wouldn't happen.

I grew up with books by Louise L Hay, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle in our family library, affirmations covering our toilet walls and inspirational cards stuck on our mirrors. So it's safe to say I'm familiar with affirmations. I'm a believer that they work, I just wish I would remember to say them to myself more often!

Emotions, feelings and thoughts are all produced in the mind. We have control over our own minds, and therefore, we have the power to stop negative thoughts, reinforce positive ones and make life a whole lot more enjoyable for ourselves.

Miranda provides great insight into how she has come to achieve so much in her life, both personally and professionally, and is a great role model for positive thinking. "In my eyes we are all equal. No one person is more special than another. When you see yourself as a unique individual and understand that you are truly irreplaceable, you get the opportunity to really accept who you are and fully embrace yourself. That's when the magic of the universe radiates within us and automatically without us even knowing, our inner joy, enthusiasm and happiness is transferred to others." Miranda said.

Another big theme in the book is gratitude. This chapter opens with a quote by Melody Beattie, my favourite part of which reads "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more." Taking the time out of each day to be grateful can completely change your perspective. You might not be having a good day or week, but taking a step out of your world and noting how lucky you are, helps us to appreciate our lives.

Obviously all this is easier said than done, otherwise we would all be running around with ridiculous smiles on our faces and world peace would be a reality. This is where affirmations come in. Sometimes just reading one can set the mood for the whole day ahead. Affirmations are a personal thing, as it is important to convince yourself, not others, that you are all you want to be. Once you tell yourself you are something, you will become this and you won't have to say a word to convince anyone else.

Below are my favourite affirmations from the book, written by both Miranda and others who have inspired her.

I am worth loving

I am a powerful human being capable of achieving my dreams. I am content and happy with my life.

I release myself from fear and doubt

I feel no guilt when I say no to someone

It is safe for me to speak up for myself

I deserve every happiness and I create my life free of hardship and suffering.

I am at peace with my world and tranquility surrounds me as I bask in the glory of my life.

I love and approve of myself

I do not compare myself with anyone or anything as I am confident in who I am.

Every cell in my body radiates with love, health and joy.

I am creative. I express my creativity by allowing my imagination, talents and abilities to flow.

I welcome new friends and reinforce existing relationships. I find time to consider the needs and dreams of others and share in their joy.

I am perfect in all that I am. Nothing external to me determines my self worth.

I treat others as I deserve to be treated; with honour, respect and decency.

I am alive, vibrant and focused. I make a difference in this world, my life has meaning and purpose.

I feel passionately about my life, and this passion fills me with excitement and energy.

I live in the world of appreciation, not expectation, and my relationships are harmonious and loving.

And a favourite from my childhood..

Everything I need comes to me in the perfect time/space sequence.

Do you have any affirmations you repeat daily? Have these inspired you to start? Let me know if you come up with any you want to share!

Popcorn x


  1. My favourites from her book are:
    - I now create a wonderful life.
    - I am in the process of positive change.
    - I deserve the best and I accept the best now.

    And - I trust life. I've been saying that to myself everyday the last couple of months. Because everything happens for a reason.

    Sounds like you loved her book as much as me x

  2. wow her book sounds amazing, xx

  3. This book looks amazing and I will definitely be reading it! Please check my blog out. I'm a newbie but my aim is to give 'real' women inspiration and learn to love themselves not the pictures they see in magazines. Thankyou x

  4. Just read your blog and wanted to share something I say to myself every night before I go to sleep. "I release this day, it has been perfect and it is done." Not really an affirmation but a really good way to let the day go.
    Love to you , Aunty Cath xxxx