Saturday, July 28, 2012

Must Love... Cabinessence

This morning my friend Laura and I continued our breakfast date tradition by venturing to a little, unassuming cafe in Paddington.

Keeping with the latest trend to hit cafes throughout Brisbane (Flea Market Chic); Cabinessence (117 Enoggera Terrace) was recommended to Laura by word of mouth, and you would be forgiven for thinking this cosy little den was the home of a local (admittedly one who likes to entertain a decent amount of people on a Saturday morning).

There is no sign announcing it's presence and milk crates, one-of-a-kind vintage garden settings and benches dotted with pillows and littered around the entrance are the only give away that this isn't a shabby home in need of a renovation.

Photo courtesy of The Weekend Edition

Now, if you're after a sit-down breakfast with a wide selection, this isn't it. However, if you're in a no fuss coffee and grab a bite to eat kind of mood, Cabinessence will deliver. There isn't a menu, but the staff are quick to rattle off a few suggestions: muesli, Spanish tomatoes with ricotta, and the highly recommended avocado on Turkish bread, splashed with lemon juice and pepper.

Needless to say, Laura and I both ordered the avocado. They were brought out on vintaged plates any op-shop would be proud to sell, and the serves of avo were lavish - at least one centimetre thick. If you like your lemons, this dish would be right up your ally!

We also ordered our coffee usuals: a skinny latte for myself and a soy mocha for Laura. My coffee was nice, but I have had better.

Locals who want to stop in for a break from a leisurely weekend walk (dog-in-tow if you please) would probably be the best demographic for this simple, but eclectic Paddington find.

Join me back here soon for more coffee catch ups.

Popcorn x

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