Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Must Love... The Conversation

It was during a conversation with my lovely friend Bird, that The Conversation was introduced to me. We were discussing the TV shows we had been watching lately (I had just finished The Real Housewives of New York and was eager to get into a show that actually had some substance), and Bird recommended this unconventional talk show where woman of note curled up casually on lounges and talked about what it means to be a woman in 2012. 

There are eight episodes hosted by Amanda De Cadenet and executively produced by Demi Moore, in which well known female identities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady GaGa, Alicia Keys, Portia de Rossi, Eva Mendes, Olivia Wilde, Sarah Silverman and Jane Fonda, discuss how they have gotten through challenges in their lives, how they have learnt to become comfortable in themselves and how empowering being a woman is in society today.

The show examines the obstacles these women have had to endure and how they came through them with the positive attitudes they all radiate. So many issues that everyday people can relate to are covered - from infidelity and divorce, surviving cancer and eating disorders, depression, losing a child, bullying and making something of yourself when you come from nothing.

I was really inspired watching this show, it reassures viewers that it is OK to be you and that there is no better time to start being the best version of that than right now. The biggest thing I took away from listening to these amazing women is that you are responsible for your own happiness. If you base how you feel on any external factors like your career, your partner, possessions or even your children, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and unhappiness. Be happy in yourself and you will be able to draw joy from all these things, but if these external relationships don't happen as you want them to then you can still find happiness within yourself.

You are the only constant thing in your own life - you will always have yourself, so you better learn to love yourself, accept yourself and tell yourself that you are beautiful. And if you don't feel this way, find out what you need to do to change this and work towards it.

In between the episodes, The Conversation website also publishes articles discussing what's happening in the world, and people writing in with their own experiences. Amanda says on the site "It is my genuine desire that [it] will be a space that refuses to judge, criticise or separate women from one another. I hope you will come to trust this as a place where you will hear some truth and won’t get sold another useless product or have the latest fad diet or media propaganda pushed on you. The stories will, as best as possible, reflect every woman’s voice without exception."

At the end of each show Amanda always asks the same few questions of each women - What do you lie about, what are your vices, what's your favourite sex position and what would you tell your 14 year old self. Needless to say, these always produce some interesting answers.

Here's a little promo to get you hooked, as I have been. I introduced the show to my Mum, and now to you and I hope you pass it on to others.


Popcorn x

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