Sunday, March 24, 2013

Must Love... Busy Weekends

As I get older I don't mind admitting I would rather go out for dinner than to a club. I'd take a breakfast date over a booze cruise. A lunch outing trumps taking shots and dancing on tables.

So when my out of town besties visit me in Brisbane every few months (I love that they're here every excuse they can get!) we make the most of our weekend. Our last rendezvous was especially jammed packed as the girls flew in on the Thursday night to start the weekend early.

We started with cocktails at the Press Club in the Valley, which quickly turned into our new favourite bar. The live music was a strange-but-great mix of reggae, jazz and rap and set a really cool scene. We ordered our first round from the menu, and were wondering what to indulge in next when the bartender asked me to hand over the cocktail list. I obliged and he said "you don't need that" as he dramatically flung it across the room. It was the highlight of our night. He then asked what spirits and flavours we liked and created us each individual cocktails to taste.

The next morning we headed to Alimentari on Adelaide for breakfast where all three of us ordered the smashed avocado and feta, with fresh basil on ciabatta ($9.00!). This simple but flavoursome Italian meal was the perfect start to the day. Blink 182 provided the perfect ending.

Saturday morning was spent at Buzz in the Emporium, a breakfast spot I would highly recommend. I had an amazing juice - the Tickled Pink (strawberry, apple, watermelon and mint, $6.50) and the best ricotta hotcakes I've had for a very long time, topped with strawberries, crispy bacon, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream ($15.50). Delish!

Each time the girls visit we pick one really nice place and treat ourselves to dinner (past visits have been spent at ARIA and the Gunshop Cafe in West End). Écco in the city was the venue of choice this time as after reading the menu it seemed we couldn't go past it! I had the lamb rump with olive tapenade, white polenta, ratatouille and eggplant crisps ($42.50). The meal was nice, but I don't think it quite lived up to the price tag. Maybe we have been spoiled by ARIA, where everything was absolutely impeccable.

We then moved on to a couple of great bars in the Valley. First up was Kerbside - just look down a backstreet for the roller door and mismatched furniture. I always seem to love the playlist and the fact they don't have a cocktail menu (it's all made to order per your requests) keeps things interesting. The real winner is the decor, it's always a fight as to who gets the garden love seat swing.

The next stop on the list was Sky Room. As you probably guessed, this bar is located a few levels up from the busy streets below and has an open balcony area with the perfect view of the surrounding high rises and bright city lights. The cocktail menu is a new twist on all the old faithfuls, a favourite of ours was the Sky Room Martini: vodka shaken with lemon juice, vanilla sugar and a signature violet liqueur and finished with peach foam and orange sherbet ($16). This concoction doesn't look or taste like anything I've ever seen - it's a must try!

We finished the weekend off with Sunday brunch at Salt in Rosalie, you can read my post about that here.
Cocktails at the Press Club in Fortitude Valley
Ricotta Hotcakes at Buzz
Kerbside (images via Kerbside website)

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