Saturday, March 23, 2013

Must Love... The Phoncurves

Listening to a song by The Phoncurves is the equivalent of wearing your oldest, comfiest sweater while sipping tea in the winter months, or relaxing on a deck as you bask in the sunlight during summer. It feels as if you've been listening to the beautiful voices of Abbie Roberts and Naomi Burrell forever, but that's not to say their sound is tired. It's a welcome wave of nostalgia with enough uniqueness to be excited by their eclectic style. 

I saw them play at Black Bear Lodge a couple of weeks ago and their live vocals are disarming. They have a humble, endearing stage presence that instantly draws you in. It's easy to connect with them because these girls could easily be your friends, your neighbours or next to you in your uni class. 

The Phoncurves now have an EP out, and you can like them on fb here

The Phoncurves (image via The Phoncurves website)

Popcorn x

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