Friday, March 8, 2013

Must Love... Salt

Brunching in Rosalie on a Sunday morning can be a brutal game of wait-for-a-table. Timing is everything; get it right and you can slide straight in to a freshly cleared table, but get it wrong and you can spend the best part of half an hour standing on the sidewalk eyeing off diners who's skinny lattes seem never-ending.

On this particular day we experienced both sides of the spectrum - our first choice was booked out all morning (who knew you now have to book for breakfast!), and our second was a 15 minute wait. Being pretty peckish at this point, we decided to chance it and try another place just around the corner. It seems luck was on our side as we breezed into a booth, only to see the start of a steady line of hopeful patrons who were no doubt starting to curse their choice of uncomfortable footwear and experiencing early stages of caffeine withdrawals*.

Salt sets itself apart by offering up coffees in mugs the size of a small child**. The menu offers irresistibly sounding sweet and savoury options, but it seems our little brunch group couldn't go past the Haloumi Stack (with tomato, basil and a poached egg on Turkish pide) and we put in our order for four. Our chosen dish was $22.90, which is on the higher end of the scale when compared to most cafes in Brisbane, but it's the price tag that comes with this suburb.

*possibly an exaggeration
**slightly less of an exaggeration, as you can see in the photo below.

Our "mugs" of lattes and hot chocolate

Haloumi Stack

Popcorn x

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